Yoga for When You are Short on Time

Whether you have a little one running around or you’re rushing from meeting to meeting, it can be super hard to make time for a full yoga class. 

So many people say “I just don’t have time for yoga.” But you don’t need hours of free time to practice and I have just the thing to help.

Time is of the essence, so I’ll get right to it!


This morning I did this 5-minute Morning Yoga video from Yoga with Adriene. I squeezed it in between pumping and putting away the dishes while the babe took a half hour nap. Seriously, you can do this!

Moving on...

The afternoon slump is REAL! And I always need a little extra self-care around that time. I wish I could hit up a cool yoga sesh at a local studio but that’s just not in the cards for me (besides having a baby attached to my chest, we don’t have a cool yoga studio in my small town).

So I’ll take 10 minutes for this sweet Yoga for Self-Care video, whenever I have a free moment this afternoon.

And at the end of a long day, when I have zero energy, I peal myself off the couch and onto the mat for this 7-minute Bedtime Yoga video. I promise you’ll sleep so much better after this one! 

For more quick yoga videos you can squeeze into your day, check out this YouTube playlist by Adriene Mishler (my favorite yoga instructor who always keeps it real and suggests “a little goes a long way” when it comes to getting some yoga in). 

Totally new to yoga? Check out Yoga for Beginners and download a free quickstart guide to get started.

How do you practice yoga yoga when you’re short on time?