How to Pull Yourself Out of a Bad Mood

We've all been there. You wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Things aren't going well for you. Or maybe they are and then someone does something or says something negative that sends you in a tailspin.

Whatever the reason, bad moods happen. And when they do, it can be hard to snap out of it. So how can we move ourselves in a more positive direction? These are five tools I've used to  help pull myself out of a bad mood. Give one or two a try, see what works for you.

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Work Out

When I have trouble shaking off negativity, one of the most effective ways I have found to remedy that is to work out. It doesn't matter what you do; run, walk, go to the gym, yoga. Just get your body moving and sweat it out. One of my favorites is this Yoga with Adriene video Yoga For When You're In A Bad Mood. It's easy, it's free, and it definitely helps boost your mood!


Talk It Out

Talk to a friend, talk to yourself, or write it all down in a journal (like this one!). When we allow things to stay locked inside, it festers and grows and only makes things worse. Sometimes expressing the frustration and grumpiness is all we need. I've been known to have full on conversations with myself in my car as I'm driving home from work.



I love to laugh! And one of the quickest ways to break down barriers is to laugh. It's hard to stay mad or uptight when you have a smile on your face. Humor can lighten the mood, help us to lighten up about ourselves, and reminds us to not take everything so seriously. A good stand up comedy show or a favorite funny movie is always a great go-to trick for bad moods!



Often times when we are mad or angry or in a bad mood, the last thing we want is to be still or to be quiet. The thoughts are raging around in our head, our emotions are all over the place, and we have tons of energy just rushing around. It can feel pretty out of control. But if we just slow down, pause, remember to breathe, we can find a peace and calm that will help ease us out of that negative space. It doesn't have to be a huge ordeal. Just sit quietly for five minutes and listen to the sound of your breath. If you're new to meditation, check out this beginner guide.


Do Something New

Break out of your routine and try something new; go somewhere different, learn a new craft, experience something out of the ordinary. Doing something that will break out of your current surroundings and get your mind off the current situation is a great way to bust out of a bad mood. Instead of dwelling on what's wrong, we can let it go for a bit and turn our attention to something else. Check out these self-care ideas to shake up your routine.


What are your go-to tricks for beating a bad mood? Let me know in the comments below!