How to Create a Morning Yoga Routine

Disclaimer: I am not a morning person. I have found, however, that a morning yoga routine can do wonders for my mental and emotional well-being, keep my physical health on track, and set a positive outlook on the day.

Through trial and error, I have discovered a morning yoga routine that works for me. The key to creating a routine you'll love and stick with, is finding what works for you. Use my routine as an example, as a template, to work from.

There is no one-size-fits-all here. Tap in to a little self-discovery and create a morning yoga routine that you'll look forward to getting out of bed for.




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My morning yoga routine is not a workout. It's a gentle waking up of the mind and body, time to check-in and connect with myself. Find what feels best for you in the morning so you'll want to get up and stick with it. For me, that means a short, gentle practice.

My morning mantra is "Root to Rise" and this routine is the manifestation of that.


The entire routine is 60 minutes long and is comprised of three parts:


 Morning Yoga & Meditation (25 Minutes)

I start with a 15 minute gentle morning yoga routine, followed by a 10 minute guided meditation. This is a great video to bookmark and come back to each morning: Gentle Morning Yoga and this is the guided meditation video I use every morning: Meditation for Inner Peace. I roll out my mat in the guest room and use my iPhone to watch the videos.

Check out my article at GlossyCover for some gentle morning yoga poses here.


Reading & Journaling (10 Minutes)

After yoga and meditation, I grab my copy of Meditations from the Mat and read the short, daily chapter. (And by "chapter" I mean page. Seriously, it's short!) I follow that up with a quick journal entry about my intention for the day. This is usually just a word, phrase or brief thought that helps me stay focused and centered.


Lemon Water & Healthy Breakfast (25 Minutes)

I love to wrap things up with a glass of lemon water to kick start my body and start hydrating right away. Eating is literally one of my favorite things to do, so I make sure to include that in my morning routine! It's important to nourish my body once I've nourished my mind and soul. I like to check out Sweet Potato Soul for delicious, healthy, simple breakfast ideas!


And there you have it! My simple, morning yoga routine. Don't be afraid to try new things. If something isn't working for you, scrap it. Move on to something else. Eventually you will find the perfect combination of things to help you start your day in a gentle, loving, peaceful way so you can move through the day with ease.


What does your morning routine look like?