One Quick Way to Beat Holiday Stress

Today we’re talking about practicing stillness.

We all know the holidays can get crazy busy. There are parties to attend, things to bring to each party, gifts to buy, work to do in between the parties, and everyone needs something different from you.


It can get overwhelming, to say the least.


That’s why it’s important to practice stillness. But what the heck does that mean?

It’s simple: take a few minutes to be still (in your body AND your mind).


When we are going, going, going all the time, it’s hard to stay focused and to be present (it’s also a quick way to burn yourself out). Taking a short break to practice stillness helps the mind and body to settle, relax, and release stress.



Try this:

  • Find a quiet place to sit. If you are pressed for time, set a timer for 5 minutes (just make sure the alarm is something calm and low volume).

  • Take a deep breath in and relax as you slowly exhale. Close your eyes. Mentally scan your body from head to toe, relaxing each body part as you go. Continue to take slow inhales and exhales.

  • As you begin to physically relax, try to mentally relax as well. Let go of your to-do list or whatever is on the agenda for the day.

  • Give yourself permission to do absolutely nothing for these few moments.

  • When the time is up, slowly bat your eyes open, take one last super deep inhale, smile, and exhale.

Try doing this mindfulness exercise once a day. You can do it first thing in the morning or right before bed. You can also practice this in moments of stress and overwhelm. It’s a great way to hit the refresh button when you feel things starting to get out of control. 


Give it a shot this week and let me know how it goes!