5 Tips for Sticking With Your Home Yoga Practice

When it comes to starting a home yoga practice, there’s one thing I hear people saying over and over (myself included!). And that is, “I can’t seem to keep a consistent practice.”

So how exactly do you continue to show up to the mat every day? I’m glad you asked! Here are 5 tips to help you create a sustainable home yoga practice.



1.       Drop your expectations. 5 minutes. 30 minutes. A full, sweaty flow session. A few easy poses. It doesn’t matter. Just show up.


2.       Have a plan. I’ll be honest, if I have to think too much about it, I’m not going to roll out the mat. I love to use the Yoga with Adriene monthly calendars to take the guess work out of my daily practice.


3.       Choose a time that works best for you and stick with it. Not a morning person? Cool, practice at night. There’s no right or wrong. Do YOU.


4.       Schedule it. Once you figure out when you want to practice, put it on the calendar so you’ll remember to get on that mat!


5.       Have fun with it and make it your own. You won’t show up to something you don’t enjoy. Or you will and you’ll hate it and eventually you’ll end up right back at the beginning of this article. Even if it means using your same favorite yoga video every day. Who cares? The whole point is to make it to the mat and cultivate the magic that is your own personal home yoga practice.


This week, I’m using a combination of Yoga with Adriene videos from the June calendar, a few postpartum videos, and a quick 5-minute morning sequence for the days that just don’t go according to plan (which, with a 7-week old baby in the house, is quite often!)


What’s your yoga practice look like this week? Let me know in the comments below!