5 Household Items You Can Use In Place of Expensive Yoga Props

If you're just getting started on your yoga journey, you might be wondering about all the fancy yoga props you see in the Instagram pics and yoga videos. You're probably wondering how the heck anyone affords that stuff and, to be real honest, how you'll afford that stuff.

Good news, my friend: you don't have to! Those props are great and maybe someday you will decide to invest in them, but for now, there are basic, household items you can use in place of those expensive yoga props.



Below are my top 5 household items that I use on a regular basis in my home yoga practice. I'll bet you have these things laying around, too. 

  • A Towel - you can use a towel to help keep your mat clean, dry up any sweat you might work up, or even use a big beach towel as your yoga mat!

  • A Pillow - a small throw pillow from the couch or a big comfy pillow from the bed make perfect props to lift the hips up for support or make a meditation seat. You can also use pillows in place of a bolster.

  • Blankets - any blankets are great for those restorative yoga practices, but you can also roll up a thick blanket and use it as a bolster or use a thinner blanket in place of a yoga strap.

  • Books - a single large book or a couple books stacked up are a great stand-in for yoga blocks!

  • Belt - a simple belt can be used in place of a yoga strap for a deeper stretch and restorative poses.


What's your favorite household item to use in your yoga practice?