5 Most Common Problems when Starting a Home Yoga Practice

These are the top 5 most common problems I’ve heard when talking about starting a home yoga practice. Hopefully these resources will help you navigate what’s tripping you up and find a way to cultivate a practice that serves you best. Let me know how it goes!




I can’t seem to keep a consistent practice.

Try creating a schedule of pre-planned videos or flows that you love. That way, you won’t have to think about what practice to do each day. If you need ideas, Sarah Bowman creates monthly calendars that you can download for free at Yoga With Adriene. You can access them here.


It’s hard to fit it in with little kids at home.

No doubt, you have your hands full, mama! Check out Tara Stiles practices like this 10 Minute Yoga for the Core with Baby routine that you can do with the little ones. Or if you want to sneak in a quick practice while babe sleeps, check out these super short practices by Adriene Mishler, like 7-Minute Yoga Boost practice.


I get bored with yoga pretty easily.

If you’re one who likes a bit more intensity, check out Adriene Mishler’s Power Yoga video. It’s swift and strong, and might even include some jumping jacks! This one will definitely keep your attention and get your heart rate up. She also has an entire series called Empower Yoga that you can purchase (it’s totally worth it, in my humble opinion).


I don’t have enough time.

A little yoga goes a long way! Don’t feel like you have to practice for an hour every day. Check out these super quick practices, like this 10-Minute for Self-Care practice or this 7-Minute Boost Yoga practice. Start small and go from there.


I don’t know where to start.

You’re in luck, my friend. I put together a whole post on how to start a home yoga practice. It’s truly not as complicated as you might think (spoiler alert: it’s not complicated at all). Check out the full blog post here: 5 Tips for Starting a Home Yoga Practice


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