My Personal Wellness Story

For most of my life, I felt insecure, anxious, depressed, and didn’t feel like I had my own identity. I was a total people-pleaser and struggled with body image issues for a long time.


At one point, I was really struggling with anxiety and finally decided to try yoga, honestly, because someone recommended it and I was desperate.


I was living in a small town without many public class options, so I began scouring the internet for beginner yoga videos. That’s when I came across Yoga with Adriene and eventually did her 30 Days of Yoga program, which got me hooked. I joined the YWA online community and started a regular home practice. I also started reading various yoga books and added meditation to my practice.


As I began to gain an understanding of the mind and body relationship, I knew I needed to start assessing my nutrition. For a while, I went vegetarian and then vegan. I experimented with a combination and balance of both, exploring how the food I ate affected how I felt mentally and physically.


I also cut back on sugar, caffeine, and alcohol to help further manage my anxiety and keep my mental health and overall wellness in check. This was a major breakthrough for me in terms of seeing my own ability to manage my health.


I was finally beginning to believe that it's all connected.


In the process of making lifestyle changes to take control of my own well-being, I found myself feeling more and more comfortable in my own skin, and more confident in making choices that align with what I wanted, instead of trying to please everyone around me.  


People would comment on how much happier I seemed and I started to see its effects in my relationships. I felt more in tune with myself and decided to make my wellness a priority. That choice has had a positive effect, not only on myself, but on those around me. Having a positive influence on others feels incredibly fulfilling and the fact that it comes naturally out of my own wellness journey is amazing. It’s not forced or fake. It’s so relieving to not have to be someone I am not.


As I have traveled along this wellness journey, I’ve started to tap into the things I love and allow time and space for them in my life. One of those things is writing. I began a yoga and wellness blog as a sort of passion project, and it has grown into a freelance writing business that I’ve taken on full time.


You can say I am kind of obsessed with sharing my wellness journey as a way to encourage, inspire and empower others to do the same for themselves. My writing is the avenue I’ve chosen to make that happen, and I couldn’t be happier to finally be in this space.